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R.I.P Frederic Lindsay and Book free on Kindle

Was checking out The amazon free books list and found this book Ripped  by the late Scottish Crime Author and creator of the D.I Jim Melldrum books Frederic Lindsay.

The amazon link for the book can be found here


I unfortunately did not know that he had passed away infill I saw reviews saying the late author so here is a obituary for.  Wonderful author

Frederic Lindsay (12 August 1933 – 31 May 2013) [1] was a Scottish crime writer, who was born in Glasgow and lived in Edinburgh. He was a full-time writer from 1979 and previously worked as a lecturer, teacher and library assistant. He was active in a number of literary organisations including the Society of Authors, International PEN (a worldwide writers’ association promoting freedom of expression) and the Scottish Arts Council. In addition to novels he also wrote for TV, radio and the theatre. Two of his novels have been made into films


The Stranger From Home (2008)
Tremor of Demons (2007)
The Endings Man (2005)
Darkness In My Hand (2001)
Death Knock (2000)
Idle Hands (1999)
A Kind of Dying (1998)
Kissing Judas (1997)
Other works by Frederic Lindsay[edit]
My Life As A Man (2006)
After the Stranger Came (1992)
A Charm Against Drowning (1988)
Jill Rips (1987)
Brond (1984)
And Be The Nations Again (Poems) (1975)


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