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October Crime Question

At Bloody Scotland last month I attended the pitch perfect sessions where future authors pitched there book idea to a panel of experts in the industry.  This got me thinking if I could write a crime novel what would it be about and what would it look like, so I have done a rough draft for you of my idea.




Do You Remember Me


The Past has Come Back to Haunt Them




An accident or something more sinister is the question on everyone lips, when the body of Dunkeld local Deborah Browning is found slumped dead in her car following a car crash.  First on the scene is local Bobbies PC Steven Whitley and PC Dave Chalmers are sent in to investigate.

That is untill the murdered body of teenager Kirsty Morgan is found floating face down in the River Tay with the words DO YOU REMEMBER ME written on her chest, the Detectives from Perth and Kinross  CID are called in led by DI Michelle McGee and DS Peter Duncan to investigate as it seems that someone is killing of locals with no obvious connection to each other.

Then another body is discovered and it becomes apparent that a serial killers is living and working in this quiet Perthshire town, can the uniformed constables and the detectives work together to stop this killing spree before it is too late.

So if you had the opportunity to pitch a novel , how would it look like and what would it be about


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