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Scottish Crime in the Theatre – Dark Road – Lyceum Theatre – Edinburgh


Dark Road

25 September 2013 to 19 October 2013

By Ian Rankin & Mark Thomson
Directed by Mark Thomson
A co-production with Wales Millennium Center

Alfred Chalmers is a serial killer who has spent 25 years behind bars for the horrific and gruesome murders of four young girls in Edinburgh. Isobel McArthur, Scotland’s first Chief Superintendent and one of the team responsible for putting him away. But Chalmers’ conviction has always haunted her.

Approaching retirement, and hungry for answers, Isobel decides to revisit the case – a decision which drags her, her fellow officers and even her own daughter back down into the maelstrom of fear, horror and uncertainty which threatened to engulf them a quarter of a century before.

This is top Scots crime writer Ian Rankin’s debut stage play, co-written and directed by the Lyceum’s Artistic Director, Mark Thomson. Tense, tough and gritty it brings the brilliance of Rankin’s story telling sharply into focus as a gripping psychological battle of wit and will is played out between Chalmers and McArthur.

For more information, show times and prices see the following link


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