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Book to look out for

In August you will remember that I interviewed an Author called Ed James who writes a series of Police Procedural Set in Edinburgh featuring an D.C. Scott Cullen, his latest novel Dyed in the Wool in that series was a nominee for the First There’s  been a Murder Crime Book of the Year Award, he has now branched out a started a new series of Novels.  The following information has been taken from Eds own website which can be found at


My next book, SHOT THROUGH THE HEART [Book one of the SUPERNATURE series], is out this Thursday, 31-Oct-13. Or Hallowe’en as its otherwise known… The book has been ready for a few weeks now, but I’ve been getting my ducks in a row on the old publicity front… It’ll be £2.99, BUT –

It will be free on Thursday, just for one day.

This is as a thank you to all my loyal fans over the eighteen months I’ve been self-publishing. If you get in there on Thursday, you get yourself a brand new book for the nothing. I couldn’t do this without people liking my books, so this is a little something back to you.

Mark Campbell, historian and author, is desperate to finish his new book on the infamous Highland Clearances when his researcher mysteriously disappears. Abandoning his depressed wife and new baby, Mark rushes to a remote Scottish village to investigate.
But when he gets there, all is not what it seems. Who is the attractive landowner, Lady Elizabeth Ruthven, and why is she housebound on a remote loch island? Why are wild dogs hunting him? What really happened to the researcher?
Mark’s investigation is soon overwhelmed by a series of unnerving events, plunging him into a nightmare of vampires and devil worship. Can he make it back home to his family in one piece?
SHOT THROUGH THE HEART is a thrill-ride adventure set in the Scottish Highlands, cleverly weaving the supernatural with history. It will grip you right through to its shocking conclusion.
Book one of the SUPERNATURE series


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