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Coffee – Cake And Crime Event With Lance Black


Superintendent David Ross has secured a transfer from the Met back to his home town, Aberdeen, where he expects to raise his family in peace, safe in the tranquility of the Scottish countryside. But Aberdeen has changed, the pestilences of drugs and anti-social behaviour have infected the once crime-free city. The perpetrators of a brutal, senseless crime are caught red-handed, but later walk free from the High Court sitting in Aberdeen. Soon-after, bodies are discovered in shocking circumstances; the ritualistic-style executions suggest mysterious forces are at work in the Granite City. No witnesses, no evidence and no suspects. Ross is baffled, frustrated, but he must stop the slaughter!


Aberdeen, the grey, bleak Granite City in the North of Scotland and sunny, scorching Puerto Banus, on the Costa del Sol (the Cocaine Coast: the Costa del Crime) serve as departure and arrival points for many sun-seeking Scots. Now these disparate destinations have something else in common: crime! A devastating Terror plot that could destroy Scotland! Acting Chief Constable Ross is alone: deprived of his beloved wife and family he is suffering from insomnia and tempted by myriad forbidden fruit. Sent to Puerto Banus on the Costa del Sol to investigate a mysterious threat to the UK’s Prime Minister, Ross is soon immersed in the glamour and subterfuge of the Marbella jet-set. But beneath the glitz of super-wealth — luxury yachts, exotic women and high fashion — the undercover cop makes a shocking discovery: a conspiracy of terror that threatens to decimate Scotland. If he cannot stop the threat his beloved Scotland will be devastated! Incinerated by Terror!

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1.How did you get started writing
I’ve always had an active imagination.

2.What drew you to start writing crime novel
Being attacked in Aberdeen’s Union Street and reading hundreds of real crime cases when I studied law.

3.Which writers past or present have influenced your style of writing
Brett Easton Ellis, Michel Houellebecq, Sartre, Camus.

4.Have you ever considered publishing your next book in the series as a self published e-book
All my existing and future books are self-published e-books

5.When you first started writing did you find it hard to get publisher interest
2004, and I did it all myself.

6.Why did you decide to use Aberdeen as a backdrop for your novels
I was born here and I wanted to use landmark locations in Aberdeen as crime scenes.

7.A few years ago you were mentioned in a magazine article called the A to Z of Tartan Noir, you were featured under the letter A alongside Stuart McBride and Bill Kirton, how does that makes you feel
What has the letter ‘A’ got to do with either of those guys or me??? i’ve never heard of Bill Kirton. I’ve never read any Stuart McBride, but I heard him on a radio show reading an excerpt from his book where a Senior Police Officer was drunk at Aberdeen beach and threw an empty whisky bottle at a seagull. This struck me as ridiculous so I was not drawn to read the novels

8.Out of your two novels that you have written do you have a favourite one and why
They are very different. Direct Action is a crime story with some obscure hard-core legal defences. It’s very much set in Aberdeen. The message is that the justice system favours the criminal, not the victim. Terror is more of a political thriller. It’s set here and in Spain, but it deals with Faslane and other issues of national importance.

9.What kind of research did you have to undertake for your book
4 years studying law, and a lifetime studying human behaviour.

10.Are the characters in your books based on any real life A few. I drew inspiration for my pathologist in Direct Action from the man who lectured me in forensic science at Aberdeen University: a fascinating man. In Terror my character ‘Tourettes Tam’ was loosely based on a friend of a friend

11.Since you have started writing have any well known authors given you any advice
No, I have never talked to another author.

12.Do you see any of your characters personality in yourself and vice versa
Only David Ross’s love of the Scottish mountains, his appreciation of the opposite sex and his despair at how nasty the human species can be.

13.What do you see for the future of David Ross and Laura Mac in your books
I started two new novels that would have answered this question. I don’t have the time or patience to finish them. The book business is not a good one. It’s a huge amount of work for no return. However Laura Mac was to be the central character of book three with David Ross taking a back seat role. Book three was much more of a traditional crime ‘who-dunnit?’

14 . If you had the chance to go back and make changes to your first novel, what would you do
I’d remove the copious sex scenes – maybe you guessed I’d say that? A crime novel should be just that. Direct Action was verging on ’50 shades of Black’. I was experimenting with descriptive writing and waxed lyrical on the erotic content. People do not buy crime fiction to read about fellatio. A few readers were offended, that was not my intention. In the future I would only include sex in a novel about sex.

15.As a blossoming crime writer do you have words of advice you can share
Don’t bother unless you love the arduous, thankless process or someone is paying you handsomely to do it



A CRIME novelist turned crimefighter when he stopped a fleeing mobile phone thief in his tracks.
Lance Black, 39, usually spends his time dreaming up murder plots for his thrillers. But he used his detective instincts to apprehend a shoplifter at a mobile phone shop.
Mr Black was in the Orange mobile store on Aberdeen’s Union Street on Monday when he noticed another customer acting strangely. The man had asked staff if he could charge his own phone before making off with a new handset from the behind the store’s counter.
Mr Black ran out of the shop and saw the thief make his way up a cobbled side street across the road. After grappling with him the have-a-go hero went back to the store and returned the stolen Motorola phone to shop assistant Jody Armstrong.
Mr Black said: “The hardest part was catching him – I nearly got run over crossing the street. I grabbed him and managed to get him down. At first he denied he had the phone but I kept at him and eventually he produced it.”
But the encounter wasn’t over. Just as Mr Black was catching his breath he saw the perpetrator running back towards the store. He said: “I told the girls to phone the police but he approached me and told me he was giving the SIM card back. It was bizarre. He returned the SIM then ran away again.”
The brave novelist hopes his actions will inspire others to take a stand. He said: “I suppose I’m trying to get the message over that people can stand up to anti-social behaviour.”
Mr Black has written two books, TERROR and DIRECT ACTION, both set in Aberdeen’s underworld. His second novel reached No 2 on WH Smith’s Scottish list and the writer has transformed it into a script he hopes to take to Hollywood.
Orange spokeswoman said: “We would like to thank Lance Black.”
A Grampian Police spokesman said inquiries were ongoing.

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