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Book to Check out

Matt Bendoris – Killing with Confidence


At the moment this book is down to the low price of 99p on Kindle so if you are looking for a good book to read just now then I suggest that you make it this

Osiris Vance is a killer with exacting standards.
Addicted to motivational self-help books, he refines his technique with each slaying, aiming to fulfill his ambition to become the greatest serial killer ever. Why be ordinary?
The brutal murder of glamorous self-made millionaire Selina Seth leaves her husband the prime suspect. But ageing, technophobic investigative journalist April Lavender and her young sidekick Connor Presley think otherwise, as they reveal a web of ruthless ambition and adulterous affairs.
Trying to stay ahead of the press pack, they have to contend with a detective ‘with issues’, a vengeful gangster, a newspaper regime that wants them to fail – and a perfectionist serial killer.

To check out and buy this book from Amazon, click on the link below


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