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December crime question – tartan noir quiz

This month’s Crime question is inspired by a conversation I had with a well know British Crime Author who shall remain nameless, who admited to being a quiz buff. So in his honour I have come up with a Tartan Noir Crime Quiz

1. In Val McDermid The Distant Echo, What was the nickname that the four students give to their group while at University

2. In Lin Anderson Driftnet, What is the name of the island where Rhona Macleod grew up

3. What two Scottish Crime Fiction Novels have has a similar storyline to two major catastrophes that have happend in Scotland

4. In Ian Rankins Malcolm Fox Novels, What is the official name given to the team that Malcom Fox works for

5. How many times has Denise Mina won the Theakstons Old Peculier Crime Novel of the Year Award

6. What is the name of the Scottish Crime Writing Festival that takes place over a weekend in September in Stirling

7. In Peter Mays The Blackhouse, What is the English equivalent to the Female Gaelic name Marsaillie

8. In Aline Templetons DI Marjory Fleming series, What is the fictional name of the Dunfrieshire town where the Police HQ is set

9. What book won the Deanston Scottish Crime Book of the Year in 2013

10. In Stuart McBrides book Birthdays for the Dead, What is the name of the fictional Scottish city where the book Is set

11. In Gillian Galbraiths Alice Reid Series, The Novel The Road to Hell sees Alice have to deal with two major upsets, What we’re they

12. How many different Series of Books has Tony Black written

13. In Micheal J Malone Blood Tears, How does Ray McBain escape police custody when he became a suspect in the murders

14. Which author has written novels called Ghost in the Machine, Devil in the Detail, Fire in the Blood, Dyed in the Wool and Shot through the heart

15. In Anna Smith’s Rosie Gilmour Series, What newspaper does Rosie work for

16. In Mark Douglas-Home Sea Detective Series, What is the name of Cal McGill ex wife

17. At the moment how many novels and short stories are they in the DCI Andy Gilchrist Series by Frank Muir

18. What are the Jobs of Lorimers wife Maggie and Sollys wife Rosie in Alex Gray Novels

19.  Can you name two authors that have set there books in the city of Discovery, Dundee

20. In Myra Duffy Isle of Bute Mystery Series, What is the name of Alson Cameron’s Husband and Younger Daughter who appear in some of the novels


Can you put Ann Cleeves Shetland Series in Order of Publication

In Ken McClure Steven Dunbar Novels, What is the name of the fictional government body that Steven Dunbar works for


One response to “December crime question – tartan noir quiz

  1. Wow, you know your stuff. I have updated my reading list, I’ll be back with answers when I won’t disgrace myself by how few I knew!

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