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30 Great Crime Reads from 2013


James Oswald

Natural Causes

The Book of Souls

Ian Rankin

Saints of the Shadow Bible

Aline Templeton

Bad Blood

Michael J Malone

A Taste for Malice

Matt Bendoris

Killing with Confidence

T. F. Frank Muir

Life for a Life

Douglas Skelton

Blood City

Malcolm Mackay

The Necessary Death of Lewis Winter

How a Gun Man Says Goodbye

Ed James

Dyed in the Wool

Chris Longmuir

Missing Believed Dead

Emma L Clapperton

Beyond Evidence

Quintin Jardine

Pray for the Dying

As Serious as Death

Jenny Thomson

Hell to Pay

Alex Gray

The Swedish Girl

Denise Mina

The Red Road

Doug Johnstone

Gone Again

Peter May

Entry Island

Mark Douglas-Home

The Women Who Walked into the Sea

Janet O`Kane

No Stranger to Death

Helen Fitzgerald

The Cry

Stuart MacBride

Close to the Bone

Ann Cleeves

Dead Water

Craig Robertson

Witness the Dead

Douglas Lindsay

A Plague of Crows

Sinclair MacLeod


Myra Duffy

End Game at Port Banntayne

David Shaw MacKenzie

The Interpretations


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