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Book Review – Throwaways – Die Hard for Girls 2 – Jenny Thomson


***** 5 STARS

Huddled in a doorway, in a blonde wig and my best Pretty Woman outfit, I’m already soaked to the skin. Any minute now, a car will pull up and the occupant will ask me how much I charge for sex. As downward spirals go, this is bad. But I’m not here because I’m reduced to turning tricks for a living. I’m here to catch a killer… Throwaways – that’s the word they’re using for the Glasgow sex workers who’ve gone missing. But two people do care and Nancy Kerr and Tommy McIntyre won’t stop until they discover the truth; even if it gets them killed.

It’s back the roller coaster of a ride that is the Die Hard for Girls Series of Novels by New Scottish Crime Author Jenny Thomson, Novel number 2 Throwaways carries on from where last year book Hell to Pay left with a cliff hanger ending with Nancy Kerr and Tommy McIntyre learning that somebody is kidnapping prostituites of the street of Glasgow. With that kind of in your face book summery then you are definitely expecting a book that grabs your attention and will not let you go untill you are on the last page of the book, and this novel Throaways does not let you down instead the author Jenny Thomson leads us the readers on an emotional journey of Highs and lows that will have you guessing right up to the last few pages.  What makes this Novel Throwaways and the first one in the Series Hell to Pay so damm good is that the two main characters Nancy Kerr and Tommy McIntyre have this Personal relationship of will they won’t they and when their relationship is in a good place, something will definatley come along and drop a major bombshell for them to deal with. There is also their working relationship that pulls you in, as in Throwaways they are working to help and find the people that are looked upon as undesirable by society, where as in Hell to Pay they are getting revenge for the death of Nancy Parents and Brother and the attack on Nancy in the first chapter that nearly kills her.

To conclude I must admit that I have really enjoyed reading this novel and it took me a short time to finish it as it keep me distracted from all my other jobs, so I recommend that you find a time to read this novel when you are not planning on doing anything as this is a novel that will have you your attention so much that you won’t want to put it down until you are at the final page. For anyone that maybe was a bit put off at the violence in the first novel Hell to Pay, then throwaway is a bit more calmer with the book looking at the background of the two main characters, though for the thrill seekers who love the dark Violence then the last chapters are when they will get what they want. So it just leaves me to say that I can’t wait for the next instalment in the book

Paperback: 139 pages
Publisher: Sassy Books (30 May 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1782793364
ISBN-13: 978-1782793366


One response to “Book Review – Throwaways – Die Hard for Girls 2 – Jenny Thomson

  1. Thanks for reading Throwaways, Lynsey. I’m glad you enjoyed it.
    There’s more mayhem to come in the third book, Don’t Come For Me, that I’m halfway through writing.

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