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Book Review – Henderson Manor – Emma L Clapperton



***** 5 STARS

Preston and Lang investigating the death of a young girl in an old Manor house in Glasgow gets their minds ticking. Who would want to kill an innocent girl in her own home and why? They believe their questions have been answered and the case is closed. Sam Leonard could not be happier, he has an amazing acting career, an loyal best friend and a fantastic girlfriend and after a previous turbulent relationship, what could go wrong? Patrick McLaughlin’s life is going well. His marriage is stable and with a baby on the way, things can only get better. But a house that Patrick buys is not all it seems. With a family burial plot in the gardens, visions and messages from the deceased and a fairly recent death in the house, will Patrick and Jodie regret their purchase?

I am always on the lookout for new up and coming Scottish Crime Authors that can leave me on the edge of my seat and keep me from doing anything else but read their novels, and I think I have found just the ticket in New Glasgow Author Emma L Clapperton. I have to be honest and say that when I first read the synopsis for Beyond Evidence last year I had some serious doubts, that I would enjoy this book as I am not somebody who reads a lot of fiction that features ghosts or anything remotely like but once I was finished I was pleasantly surprised and now I am hooked on novels that have a paranormal element as they bring a different unique twist to the story. Beyond Evidence introduced us to her main characters Detectives DS Preston, DC Laing and Medium Patrick McLaughlin. In Beyond Evidence Emma L Clapperton was able to put her own unique twist on the traditional Police Procedural novel and firmly put herself on the Crime Author one to watch list, this was accomplished by combing a killer first chapter that has you hooked, keeping a balance of light hearted moments with the more dark elements, likeable characters that as a reader you can relate to and making her back drop of the city of Glasgow so believable that you could actually picture yourself as one of the characters in the books.

This killer winning formula has been used again to great effect in Emma L Clapperton New Novel due out next week, entitled Henderson Manor which truly deserves the high score that it was awarded as it has everything and more that you could ask for in a Crime Novel. Henderson Manor will keep you on your toes and trying to guess the outcome untill the last few pages of the book and will take you on rollercoaster ride that will have you pre occupied with reading instead of doing anything else. I won’t be surprised if Henderson Manor wins a kindle book of the month award like Beyond Evidence did in April last year, in fact I think I might just start a campaign to make sure it does, it is that dam good. It just leaves me to say Hurry up Emma L Clapperton and get the next novel written, I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Paperback: 380 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1 edition (26 Feb 2014)
ISBN-10: 149604343X
ISBN-13: 978-1496043436


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