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Book to Check Out

At the moment this book is down to the low price of 99p in the Kindle Countdown Deal, so if you are looking for a good book to read just now then I suggest that you make it this one as the price can go back up at any time



The bus is stranded, stuck fast in a snowdrift. The driver is missing along with a young girl. A half naked woman is left behind, handcuffed and freezing on board. Who she is and where the girl has gone unravels into a web of sexual abuse, mental torture and deeply laid family rivalries, spanning from Istanbul to Glasgow.

Newly appointed to the Major Crime and Terrorism Squad at Strathclyde Police, DI John J. Arbogast is tasked with tracking down a suspected paedophile as part of a national manhunt. Haunted by a failed case in the past he’s determined to find the girl before it’s too late. But as the case unravels to unveil an international sex trafficking ring it becomes clear that all is not what it seems.
Secrets will surface.

Here is the Amazon link to buy this e book for yourselves


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  2. Paul Lee ⋅

    Hi…….thank you for the promo of The Maltese Orphans……much appreciated. Regards Paul Lee

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