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Book Review the day she died catriona mcpherson


***** 5 STARS

That was the day I met Gus, the day I grew a family as if from magic beans, the day she died. That’s the point, see? It was the very same day. Jessie Constable has learned the hard way to always keep herself safe. But meeting Gus King changes everything. Before she knows it, Jessie is sleeping at Gus’s house, babysitting his kids, becoming a part of his family. And yet, she can’t ignore the unsettling questions. Who does she keep seeing from the corner of her eye? Why are strange men threatening her? Most importantly, what really happened to Gus’s wife?

In The Day She Died author Catriona McPherson Creates a brilliant, foreboding mystery where nothing is as it seems and that will keep you guessing until the very end. Right from the beginning the novel develops nicely into a great physiological suspense that utilises the flashbacks/forwards of the imprisoned woman which greatly add to the story and keeps the reader on the edge of their seats.  There is also the main character Jessie and you can’t help but immediately fall in love with her quirky, strong, courageous and vulnerable personality, She’s funny and smart and we love to spend time with her. And yet, she has blind spots and her generosity can get her into trouble. We ache for her and want her to treat herself as well as she treats everyone else. The story is compelling, Jessie is awesome but more than that, McPherson writes with such clear imagery and humor that every word is a delight to read.

The Day She Died is a very interesting book, it is very different from the series of books that are written by the author Catriona McPherson, the Dandy Glover Series as in The Day She Died the pace is not very fast and at times you might found the decisions of the main character a bit aggravating. The way she ingratiated herself into the lives of the family features makes you stop and wonder who would do the things she was doing, but at the same time, you feel respect for her giving so much of herself to a family she barely knew. What this novel does is it plays on the traditional suspense novel in that it concentrates on showing the emotions and relationships of the characters in this novel, you will feel the anger, confusion, hope and determination as if you were sat their next to the characters themselves, Whilst working the isolated and small town  community crime fiction that Scotland is just so good at creating. Overall this was a very entertaining and highly thoughtful novel that kept me wanting to turn the next page. I would recommend this to those who enjoy a more emotional/psychological novel.

Product details
Paperback: 336 pages
Publisher: Midnight Ink (15 Jun 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0738740454
ISBN-13: 978-0738740454

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