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Book to Check Out

At the moment this book is down to a low price, so if you are looking for a good book to read just now then I suggest that you make it this one


Malta 2014, and Pulizija Inspector, the beautiful but troubled, Thea Spiteri, is at a cross roads in her life, and career. Then a child’s abduction, from a crowded St Julian’s beach, gives her the opportunity to concentrate her mind on what she does best: solve crimes.

Ex Scottish cop, ex drunk, ex lover, ex…….everything. At one time, Matt Healy felt he had it all. He found out differently. Now he is trying to put his life back together, on the idyllic island of Malta.

If they can both overcome their demons, and trust in the enigmatic Fr Marandon, emotional happiness awaits them both. But past sins in Scotland and Malta, mean that for both Healy and Spiteri, future happiness may just be an illusion.

This story of intrigue and murder in Maltese society; encompassing politics, the Church and the pain of loss, will take the reader through the full gambit of human emotions.

Here is the Amazon link to buy this e book for yourselves


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