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Q and A with Denzil Meyrick

Denzil Meyrick was born in Glasgow and brought up in Campbeltown. After studying politics, he pursued a varied career including time spent as a police officer, freelance journalist, and director of several companies in the engineering, leisure and marketing sectors. 
His first novel, Whisky from Small Glasses, was published in 2012, his second The Last Witness, published by Polygon in 2014, followed and became a top twenty Best Seller on Amazon.

1. What have you been up to with your writing since we last spoke?

Where do I begin?! The second DCI Daley novel, THE LAST WITNESS, was published last July by my new publisher Polygon. I was thrilled when it reached THE BOOKSELLER’S official top twenty bestselling eBooks last year. Since then, everything has really taken off. I’ve been signed up by Pegasus Books in New York, who will publish the Daley novels in the USA and Canada, which is a great leap forward. The third novel, DARK SUITS AND SAD SONGS will be published, this side of the Atlanticin May by Polygon. I’m busy writing book four, THE RAT STONE SERENADE, so it’s all go!


2. How does it feel when you see your books in the top 100 on the kindle e book chart?

I suppose it’s a bit surreal. It’s great to have sold so many copies of THE LAST WITNESS, in both book and eBook form. Ultimately, it’s what dreams are made of, but it takes a while to sink in. I hope that everyone buys and enjoys DARK SUITS AND SAD SONGS in the same numbers. A huge thank you to one and all!. We got to number 15 on Kindle, which wasn’t too shabby.


3. How does it feel to be now published by Polygon?

It’s fantastic to have the team at Polygon behind me now. Everyone is so positive and professional. The experience of being with a mainstream, bona fide publishing house is a new and most welcome one for me. From editing, to marketing, promotion and design, they have everything spot on. As you are probably aware, I was never happy with the presentation of the original edition of WHISKY FROM SMALL GLASSES. I’m delighted that a brand new, revised edition was published by Polygon, last month, in paperback and eBook.  Vive la difference !


4. If you can, what do you see for the future of DCI Daley?

We see Daley confronting many dangers in DARK SUITS AND SAD SONGS. Without giving anything away, tragedy strikes, meaning that the lives of the main characters in my books will never be the same. Certainly, Daley is facing his greatest and most deadly challenge to date.


5. So far what was your favourite book to write in terms of characters and plot?

Good question. Because of the new edition of WHISKY FROM SMALL GLASSES, I’ve found myself working – in one way or another – on all four novels at once. I worked on WHISKY before it was re-published last month, and am currently involved with the promotion of it and THE LAST WITNESS. I’ve been editing DARK SUITS AND SAD SONGS with the excellent Julie Fergusson and Alison Rae, whilst writing book 4, THE RAT STONE SERENADE. So, basically, it’s hard to pick my favourite. It’s great to see WHISKY the way it should be, and LW has taken me so far. I do think that DARK SUITS AND SAD SONGS will move things along, and I loved writing it. I’ll leave it up to readers to decide which book they like best, but I think you’ll like DARK SUITS.


6. What has been your stand out moment so far as a Scottish crime fiction writer?

Oh, there have been so many. I’ve appeared on television, radio and in the newspapers in the last few months, so it’s been great to have had so much interest in my work. I’ve been invited to speak at the AYE WRITE festival in April, and will be appearing at other events throughout the year. But, for me, one of nicest things was speaking to my old teacher Morag Allan who taught me in primary two, more years ago than I care to mention. She told me how much she liked the books and how proud she was of me. I must admit to having a lump in my throat when I heard that.

When a senior Edinburgh civil servant spectacularly takes his own life in Kinloch harbour, DCI Jim Daley comes face to face with the murky world of politics. To add to his woes, two local drug dealers lie dead, ritually assassinated. It’s clear that dark forces are at work in the town. With his boss under investigation, his marriage hanging on by a thread, and his sidekick DS Scott wrestling with his own demons, Daley’s world is in meltdown. When strange lights appear in the sky over Kinloch, it becomes clear that the townsfolk are not the only people at risk. The fate of nations is at stake. Jim Daley must face his worst fears as tragedy strikes. This is not just about a successful investigation, it’s about survival.

The new DCI Jim Daley thriller Dark Suits is widely available to pre order and will be published on 14 July by Polygon

To order this book for yourself, you can go to the  Amazon link at the bottom


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