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Q and a with Steve Christie 


A Real Ale Loving Scottish Crime Writer. Originally from Aberdeen ,now residing in Edinburgh.
Cold Shot sees the welcome return of DI Ronnie Buchanan in another fast paced crime romp that carries the reader along at breakneck speed, breathless but desperate to see where the next plot twist will occur and how matters will be resolved.

1. What have you been up to with your writing since we last spoke?


Editing Cold Shot mostly….it took quite a time as it’s a much larger book than Good Deed.

I have also started another two novels. The third in the Buchanan series and a supernatural novel set on the Isle of Skye.

I’m trying to work between them but I’m not too sure that’s a good idea to be honest..might have to settle on either, or…Lol!


 2. So far what was your favourite book to write in terms of characters and plot?


Hard to say really but I think I would go with Cold Shot, it introduces quite a few new characters…I love bringing characters to life…Its one of the things I most enjoy about writing, that and the fact that the book takes place over just a few days in an extremely tough Scottish winter . Great for very descriptive scene setting.



3. What do you see for the future for DI Ronnie Buchan.


I’d love to tell you Lynsey….however it might spoil the plot of Cold Shot..Theres a big change coming for Buchanan, which is touched upon at the end of the book. Let’s just say Buchanan has to make a BIG career decision.


4. Have you any events coming up that you can share with us


I have my Cold Shot launch coming up in June…no specific date yet as I’m still looking around venues in Edinburgh…A decent pub with a good selection of craft ales hopefully!….I’m sure Buchanan would approve!


5. You are starting to become popular on Amazon Kindle, how does that make you feel


It feels good. It’s really nice to know that people enjoy and appreciate the hard work you have put in to your book. 


6. What has been your stand out moment so far as a Scottish crime fiction writer.


I find it quite hard to put down to one stand out moment but… I must admit that when people you don’t know that are standing next to you just suddenly share the way they feel about the characters and plot of your book, begin telling you with great enthusiasm which character is their favourite or which part of the book stands out the most to them. Then go on to explain how a certain part of it makes them think of someone or something in their own life, I realise that I have given some people a source of enjoyment and they have truly read my book from cover to cover. I don’t think an author could ask for more.


Cold Shot is the second in a Scottish detective series, following the career of Detective Inspector Ronnie Buchanan as he uncovers the secrets and stories behind gruesome homicides in Scotland. This book, set in and around present day Aberdeen, is a fast paced roar through a twisting and dramatic serial murder plot that constantly challenges the reader’s perception of hero and villain. Cold Shot explores drug use, corruption, conspiracy, family bonds, degeneration of health and meticulously planned revenge. Although second in a series, Christie’s first book Good Deed and current novel Cold Shot can be read independently as stand-alone narratives. 

To order this book for yourself, you can go to the Amazon link at the bottom

Or go to Ringwood Publishing link at the bottom


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