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Q and a with Matt Bendoris

Matt Bendoris is the Chief Feature Writer at The Scottish Sun newspaper, His debut novel, Killing With Confidence was written completely on a BlackBerry on train trips. Here we catch up with him since we last spoke to each other in 2013 and find out what he has been up to.

1. What have you been up to with your writing since we last spoke?

A: Working, being a dad – but almost as importantly, writing my new crime novel DM For Murder.
 2. So far what was your favourite book to write in terms of characters and plot?

A: My new one. The premise for the plot is based all around Twitter. I don’t know anyone else who has a social-media murder in their books. It was actually a thrill to write.

 3. You were recently a part of an event that pitted East Coast Scottish Crime Writers against West Coast Scottish Crime Writers how do you get involved in that?

A: Because I play dirty, but will always buy a pint in the pub afterwards! It was a great night, especially with Ian Rankin watching it from home on Periscope, asking questions during the event, then arranging to meet for a beer in The Oxford pub. It doesn’t get more interactive than that.

 4. Have you any events coming up that you can share with us

A: Yes, my book launch at Waterstones in Glasgow Argyle St on July 30 at 7pm. I’ll hopefully have another event at Waterstones in Inverness, which is to be announced.

 5. Have you had any ideas about what you would like to write about next 

A: Yes, but if I told you, I would literally have to kill you! 

6. What has been your stand out moment so far as a Scottish crime fiction writer?

A: Beating the East Coast crime writers for a second year in a row – looking forward to the hat-trick next year.

Ten million Twitter followers. One killer. Bryce Horrigan, a Brit made good in America, makes a living rubbing people up the wrong way. He revels in antagonising guests on his TV talk show, and the thousands of death threats he’s received on Twitter are a badge of honour. But when the controversial TV host is shot dead, it leaves the authorities with one hell of a dilemma. After all, where do you start investigating millions of suspects? Detective Sorrell has to separate the keyboard warriors from the real killer… who begins tweeting cryptic clues. As the investigation and media storm build, Sorrell discovers a British journalist from Horrigan’s past may hold the key…

The Launch for DM for Murder will be on 

Thursday 30th July 2015

At 7pm

Waterstones, Argyle Street, Glasgow

Join Matt Bendoris for the launch of his latest crime novel DM for Murder! Matt will be in conversation with fellow crime writer extraordinaire Michael J Malone.

Amazon Link to buy the book for yourself

Amazon Author Page


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