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If you are looking for a good read for your kindle that won’t break the bank and you like Scottish crime fiction then this is the novel for you


When Scottish mystery writer Frank McAlpine is found murdered in his luxury villa, all the evidence points to notorious local criminal Peacock Johnson. Peacock’s wife thinks he did it, the police think he did it, even Frank McAlpine said he did it, moments before he died. But Peacock knows he’s innocent, and he knows he’s going to work out who really killed Frank to clear his name.

But commiting crimes are more in Peacock’s line of work, he doesn’t have the first clue about how to solve one. Luckily, though, he knows a man who does, a man who owes him a favour.

A second Scottish noir writer, Ian Rankin, has featured Peacock as the main villain in one of his bestselling Rebus novels- A Question of Blood. And Peacock feels he was somewhat misrepresented, made out to be much more of a hardened criminal than he actually is. He’d been planning to seek compensation from Rankin, on a massive scale, but now he sees an opportunity for Ian to make things good. If Rankin can use his detective skills to work out who actually killed Frank McAlpine then Peacock is willing to drop the action for libel.

The only questions are, will Rankin agree. And is he up to the job.

To buy this book for yourself, you can go to the Amazon Kindle link below


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