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January 2016 crime author of the month interview with John r burns


1. How did you get started writing? 

I have been writing since the age of seven. I can remember using a child’s tin typewriter and my first piece of writing was about a robbery and the loot was stored in a farm.

2. What drew you to write a crime novel

Writing a crime novel was a challenge I set myself to see what it took to write such a book and whether I could do it. To begin with it was like a break from my ‘more serious’ writing but I gradually became more involved in crime writing,especially what was possible with characterisation. Writing crime has certainly sharpened my ability to devise an interesting plot.

3. Which writers past or present have influenced your style of writing? 
My style of writing has been influenced by DH Lawrence, Steinbeck, Hemingway and Dostoyevsky in terms of what was possible.

4. When you first started writing did you find it hard to get publisher interest?
When I started writing as an adult I found publishers or agents were not interested.

5. There are many interesting characters in your Novels, do you have a particular favourite one? 

One of my most interesting characters is the grandfather in ‘The Scheme of Angels.’

6. What kind of research have you have to undertake for your Novels?

 I research all my books but go into a lot more depth with my non crime novels.

7. Are the characters in your books based on any real life? 

My characters are not based on anyone in reality.

8. What do you think makes your novels stand out from all the other Scottish Crime Fiction Novels out there 

I hope my novels stand out a little by the pace of the plot, the physical settings and the variety of emotions my characters display. Feelings fuel my books.   

9. Do you see any of your characters personality in yourself and vice versa
There are certainly elements of myself in several of my main characters starting with my detective DI George Corbett.

10. If you can, would you give us a sneaky peak into any future novels you have planned. 

 I am excited about my next Corbett novel because he transfers from Edinburgh to work in Teeside, an area I know well as my wife was born there. I decided with so many crime novels set in Edinburgh I needed the book’s action to be set somewhere else.

11. Out of all the Novels you have written do you have a favourite one that stands out to you

My favourite novel is not one of my crime thrillers but is my historical novel ‘ROAD TO RIBBLEHEAD,’ which certainly has plenty of criminal activity in it.

12. As a up and coming writer do you have words of advice you can share

My advice would be to persist whatever happens at your writing, to be yourself through your words, to have a well planned, clear view of plot and character and never be put off by negative responses from agents or publishers. The beauty of being published on Amazon Kindle is that it is the reader who decides what is going to be successful and nobody else.

George Corbett Crime Novels

The Scheme of Angels
Three Ways of Dying

Other Novels

Men of Snow,a World War Two thriller 

Road to Ribblehead, about the building of the last great railway in Britain.
Twitter @JohnRBurns47

Amazon Author Page


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