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March 2016 Crime author of the Month Interview with Owen Mullen


1. How did you get started writing?

My wife and I built a villa in Crete. We spend a lot of our time there. The global economic downturn and time on my hands persuaded me that I might kill two birds with one stone.

2. What drew you to write a crime novel 

Crime fiction sets particular challenges to a writer. Many threads must be resolved in a way that is believable to the reader, more difficult than it sounds. I wanted to see if I could cut it in this genre.

3. Which writers past or present have influenced your style of writing?

Nobody and everybody. Raymond Chandler is considered the master, so of course I read his work. I wouldn’t say my writing style has been overly influenced by anyone. It has developed through time.

4. When you first started writing did you find it hard to get publisher interest? 

I didn’t find it hard to get publisher interest, but I did find it extremely difficult to get a publisher’s commitment. One publisher, talking about Old Friends…said “This book has everything, unfortunately the author is unknown”.

5. There are many interesting characters in your Novels, do you have a particular favourite one?

Patrick Logue…he makes me laugh.

6. What kind of research have you have to undertake for your Novels? 

I worked in the city of Glasgow for many years so I know it well. However I researched several aspects of geography and history. For the police procedural aspects of the books I am fortunate in having a real life CID detective who makes sure I don’t stray from the truth.
7. Are the characters in your books based on any real life?

Based yes, but really they are a combination of the many colourful characters who live in the West of Scotland.

8. What do you think makes your novels stand out from all the other Scottish Crime Fiction Novels out there 

Most Scottish crime fiction has a policeman as the central character. In my novels the police play a background role to PI Charlie Cameron. I also explore the central character’s whole life rather than concentrating on the crimes.

9. Do you see any of your characters personality in yourself and vice versa? 

I don’t but people who know me well say that I am in there.

10. If you can, would you give us a sneaky peak into any future novels you have planned. 

Okay, I’m currently working on the next Charlie. Several readers asked for more Kate, so I wouldn’t be surprised if she turns up…although Charlie might! Really enjoying writing it. Think it’s going to be a good one. No title yet, but you’ll be the first to know when I have one.

11. Out of the Novels you have written do you have a favourite one that stands out to you? 

It’s got to be the current one, because of course that is where the challenge lies…can I deliver?

12. As a up and coming crime writer do you have words of advice you can share

Keep writing, keep improving and don’t stop believing. I waited too long to self publish don’t make that mistake.
The body on the mortuary slab wasn’t who Glasgow PI Charlie Cameron was looking for. But it wasn’t a stranger. Ian Selkirk had been stabbed through the heart and dumped in the loch. 

Suddenly, a routine missing persons investigation becomes a fight for survival as Charlie goes up against a notorious Glasgow gangster. Jimmy Rafferty is ruthless. Even his own family are terrified of him. He wants to use Charlie to get something for him. And Jimmy Rafferty always gets what he wants. 

Only one problem. 

Charlie doesn’t know where it is.
On a warm summer’s evening thirteen month old Lily Hamilton is abducted from Ayr beach in Scotland, taken while her parents are yards away. Three days later, the distraught father turns up at Glasgow PI Charlie Cameron’s office and begs him to help. Mark Hamilton believes he knows who has stolen his daughter. And why. 

Against his better judgement Charlie gets involved in a case he would be better off without. But when a child’s body is discovered on Fenwick Moor, then another in St Andrews, the awful truth dawns: there is a serial killer out there whose work has gone undetected for decades. Baby Lily may be the latest victim of a madman. 

For Charlie it’s too late, he can’t let go. His demons won’t let him. 

The stunning first novel featuring Glasgow PI Charlie Cameron. Games People Play will have the reader guessing to the very last page.

Twitter: OwenMullen6

Amazon Author Page


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