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Free book 

If you are looking for a good e book to buy and you don’t want to spend money and you love crime fiction, then this is the book for you and it’s free on Amazon kindle at the moment

The evil that Andromeda saw in Glasgow Central Station and why she alone could see it was beyond her powers of explanation. But she told the police anyway and in that moment, the secrets of her past come back to try to destroy her. The karmic beasts arrive from all quarters, most of all from inside herself. 
Detective Inspector Donnelly investigates a gory murder in a Glasgow alley and has little more than Annie’s bizarre information to go on. Following it would make him as crazy as her. 
Whatever he thinks, she knows a darker evil is haunting the city that police will have little power against. 
But maybe she could see it coming.

To buy the ebook for yourself, you can go to the Amazon link below


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  1. Thank you for the recommendation of this free ebook!!

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