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Crime at the Castle with Wendy h jones 

A Funny Thing Happened on a Day at the Castle 

My tale is a lesson on what can happen when you take a punt. A couple of months ago I had a day out at Glamis Castle. There was a Royal Robes exhibition on, and I particularly wanted to see it. The exhibition is spectacular and well worth seeing by the way.


What is even more spectacular is what grew out of that visit. I have long been interested in running a crime event at Glamis Castle. I got chatting to a lovely American lady who worked there. It turned out we were both writers so I enquired who I would ask about putting on a Crime Writing Festival there. It turned out the lady I was chatting to, Pauline Cawdery, was the very person I needed. Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together.


From a day out, Scotland’s newest, and most unique, Crime Festival was born – Crime at the Castle. I am honoured and delighted to have been one of the co-founders with the castle. My good friend, Suzanne Milne, has now come on board and is a very welcome addition to the organising committee. I am pleased to say she is as excited as I am about the event, and I’m sure between us all we will make it a great success.


Glamis Castle have been amazing. The event will use the whole castle, including the Dining Room, Drawing Room, Queen Mothers Sitting Room, Chapel and 16th Century Chambers. The bookshop and book signings will be held in the Crypt. There is a cracking line-up of top Crime Writers. Who are they, I hear you ask? That, my friends, will have to remain a mystery. All will be revealed at the end of July.


The date for your diary is 24th February 2018. Ticket sales will open at the end of July, when the speakers are officially announced. Until then, make sure it’s in your diary, and watch this space.


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