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Catch Up Q And A With Gordon Brown

Gordon has six crime and thriller books published to date, along with a number of short stories. His latest novel, Deepest Wounds, published by Strident Publishing, is the third in the Craig McIntyre series. Gordon also helped found Bloody Scotland, Scotland’s International Crime Writing Festival (see and is a DJ on local radio ( He lives in Scotland and is married with two children.

In a former life Gordon delivered pizzas in Toronto, sold non-alcoholic beer in the Middle East, launched a creativity training business, floated a high tech company on the London Stock Exchange, compered the main stage at a two-day music festival and was once booed by 49,000 people while on the pitch at a major football Cup Final.

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Craig McIntyre’s mere presence can turn people’s darkest thoughts into action.
On an Iraqi street, Craig McIntyre finds himself at the center of an event that leaves several people dead. Ex-military, now a bodyguard, he has no idea how they died.
Others think he is repsonsible – the catalyst. They have no issue with that.
Indeed, they are intent on harnessing Craig’s dark talent for creating chaos where once there was order…and will let no-one stand in their way.
Who are McIntyre’s pursuers? What do they see in him that he cannot see in himself? And what will happen to him if he is caught? Worse, what will happen to those closest to him if he escapes?
As he struggles to come to terms with events, and with the possibility that he really is a vehicle for anarchy, can he stop his darkest thoughts turning to revenge

You can only run for so long

Craig McIntyre’s mere presence removes people’s inhibitions and turns their darkest thoughts into actions.

Having fled across America to evade capture by arch-enemy Senator Tampoline, McIntyre is ‘persuaded’ to work alongside him in the national interest.

The US Strategic Petroleum Reserve has been destroyed by a white supremacist group. The attack has been hushed-up and time is of the essence if national and global economic meltdown is to be avoided.

As McIntyre tries to apply his unique ability to salvage the situation, it is hard to know who is working harder to thwart him: his allies or his enemies. It might be safer to stay ahead of both.

McIntyre will never forgive Tampoline for what he has done. He is not even sure he can suppress his animosity in pursuit of the greater good…

Craig McIntyre’s mere presence removes people’s inhibitions and turns their darkest thoughts into actions.

As Craig McIntyre tries to escape bounty hunters from the Dark Web, he discovers that his details are linked to a clandestine government project. Might it hold answers to his past as well as dangers for the present?

Back on the run in North America, McIntyre hooks up with some unlikely allies. But can he trust them any more than those who want to use him to shape the future…and to further their personal ambitions?

Have those behind Factor really given up on their pursuit of him? Or is McIntyre being reeled in with some politically toxic bait?

McIntyre is the key to an explosive secret that could change mankind forever

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What have you been up to with your writing since we last spoke?


1) I’ve been working on two different books. I just handed the first draft of the fourth in the Craig McIntyre series to my publisher. As usual I’ll now wait on feedback and the dreaded edits. If things pan out we are looking at a late Spring/early Summer launch next year.

The second book is something new. I currently have two series on the go. One in the U.S. with Down & Out Books where Charlie Wiggs is the main protagonist (‘Falling’ and ‘Falling Too’) and the Craig McIntyre series in the UK with Strident Publishing (‘Darkest Thoughts, ‘Furthest Reaches’ and ‘Deepest Wounds’). The great news is that Down & Out Books have just signed to take all three Craig McIntyre books into the USA, starting in 2019, so, for the moment, Charlie Wiggs is having a rest. This gave me the opportunity to work on a new series. I can’t tell you that much about it, as it’s with my agent at the moment, other than to say it’s a more traditional Scottish crime book, but with a twist.

On top of my book writing I’ve been playing my part in organising this year’s Bloody Scotland and I’m also, along with Neil Broadfoot, Douglas Skelton and Mark Leggatt on a mini tour with ‘Four Blokes in Search of a Plot’. The latest gig was a few weeks back in Rothesay,as part of Bute Noir, to a sell-out crowd. We are planning more gigs when we can get our diaries to gel.

I’ve also penned a few short stories – one was to help publicise the Four Blokes visit to Bute and the other was written because I couldn’t sleep (if anyone wants to read them click here).


So far what was your favourite book to write in terms of characters and plot?


2) The answer to this question is always the same, ‘The book that I’m working on now’. I love the process of writing. I lose myself in it. And, to be fair, I sometimes frustrate myself with it all. I strive to improve my writingat all times and I’m becoming more critical of my own work. Take the new Scottish crime novel, I had a fellow author, Russel McLean, work on an initial edit for me before I handed it over, as I am looking to shine brighterthan ever before with this new work.


How did you get involved in Bloody Scotland and the spotlight event?


3) The story of Bloody Scotland and my involvement goes back to 2010 when, sitting at a lunch with Alex Gray and Lin Anderson I heard them chatting about the lack of a crime festival in Scotland; a travesty given the wealth of crime writing talent that this country has produced. A week later Lin and I were sitting in Prince’s Square talking about the festival idea and I seem to remember uttering the words, ‘How hard could it be to organise a crime writing festival?’ Roll on seven festivals and we’ve just hit a little under 10,000 tickets for this year’s event.

Crime in Spotlight was born four years ago. In a previous life I used to run the Tennent’s marketing department and had the overall responsibility for the Tennent’s Lagersponsorship of T in the Park. I’m a live music nut and T in the Park grew my passion. When Bloody Scotland was getting established it was one of our core tenets that the festival, amongst other things, should encourage and supporting new authors. I can’t remember the exact music gig that sparked the idea of a ‘support band’ for the main authors at Bloody Scotland – but it seeped into my head one night. I suggested it at a Bloody Scotland board meeting – and Crime in the Spotlight was born. It’s been a great success, this year we had thirteen debut authors reading at the start of all our largest events.


Have you any events coming up that you can share with us?


4) I’ve a few events coming up. One of the fun ones is the North Ayrshire Libraries Reader’s Day on the 24th of this month. It’s a full day with three other authors – Denise Mina, Helen Sedgewick and David Ross. Each of us was asked to choose a book from our own work and a book from another author for the attendees to read and then discuss at the event. I choose my latest McIntyre book, ‘Deepest Wounds’ and Stephen King’s ‘Mr Mercedes’. I have a love/hate relationship with Mr King’s work. ‘Christine’ is a book that sparked so much in me as a wannabe writer but I’ve also fallen out of love with him on occasions. The Bill Hodges’ trilogy (‘Mr Mercedes’, ‘Finders Keepers’ and ‘End of Watch’) hooked me again as, with consummate ease, he turned his hand to crime fiction.

I’ve also just finished participating in a festival in Spain called Xabia Negra. I contacted the local council at Xabia a couple of years back and set up a reciprocal deal to take some authors from Bloody Scotland to their festival. This year, Graeme Macrae Burnet, AbirMuckherjee, Lin Anderson and myself attended. I wrote a small blog on it if anyone is interested.


Have you had any ideas about what you would like to write about next?


5) With book four of McIntyre with my publisher and the new Scottish crime book with my agent, I now need to get myself into gear for book 2 in the new series and McIntyre 5. I know what the former is about but not in detail, I’m not a planner. The latter is a bit of a mystery,although I’ve a kernel of a thought based on something that popped into my head while out for a walk a few days ago – both ideas will grow when I get to battering my poor old Mac into submission.


What has been your stand out moment so far as a Scottish crime fiction writer?


6) That’s a tough one, there are so many special moments – the time I saw my first book on a shelf, the launch and success of Bloody Scotland, the USA picking up my work, appearing at some fantastic events across the world – the list goes on. The real joy for me is the realisation of a dream to be a published writer. It’s not all wine and roses, but it’s an amazing adventure and I’ve met some wonderful people that I would never have encountered had it not been for my writing.
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