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Free Book on Kindle

The following book by the late Scottish crime author Frederic Lindsay is free just now on amazon kindle


Detective Inspector Jim’s Meldrum’s career fighting crime has taken a heavy toll.

It’s cost him his marriage, alienated his daughter – and hardened him to the senseless brutality and greed of Scotland’s criminals.

And yet the murder of an elderly blind man – just another statistic – continues to haunt him fifteen years after the event.

For all those years the man convicted of the crime, Hugh Keaney, has protested his innocence – and without an admission of guilt there is no parole for a man serving life for murder.

When he learns that Keaney has gone on a hunger strike, however, Meldrum finds he can no longer live with his doubts about the case.

From the genteel terraces of Edinburgh to Glasgow’s tenements, from the tormented beauty of Co. Armagh to the deceptive peace of the Loire valley, Meldrum searches for answers to why the blind man had to die.

And yet, the more he discovers, the bigger the case gets – and the more serious the consequences.

But there are some ‘Convictions’ a man just can’t shake.

In physical danger, with his career at risk, and family and loved ones under threat, Jim Meldrum must consider just how high a price he’s prepared to pay for justice.

Here is the link to buy the book for yourselves


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